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Ordered more as was so pleased with quality and versatility
They are wonderful as a treat. High quality tasteful coffee. A nice variety of flavours. The filter system works a treat for me. I get around 3 mugs worth out of each pack. The last is quite weak but I like it after the flavoursome cups from earlier. The whole thing works as it makes working from my desk a far nicer experience. The coffee grindings from the pack go onto my roses and the paper obviously is easily recycled. I have now bought 6 boxes after getting a Christmas variety box from my daughter.
(by Caz)

Such a great, well thought out product
This product is so well thought out. As soon as you open the packet you get all the aromas of the outstanding high quality coffee inside. Then pour the hot water in and all the magic happens. The clever design means that coffee is filtered through a high quality filter and into the bottom part where you leave your coffee to brew for a few minutes. Then click off the cap and pour your lovely coffee into a cup of your choice. I drink coffee regularly and do not mistake this for instant coffee as it is some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. This is also a great gift and just the right size with a lovely well presented and Eco-friendly box to give the gift in. A highly recommend product well worth the buy! Also The Brew Company is such a great company to buy from and will help you out very efficiently and appropriately if the need arises. Amazing product and amazing company. Thank you!
(by Tom)

Great concept, excellent coffee! Ideal gift for the coffee lover
What a wonderful product. Bought as a gift for My partner a Christmas. They absolutely love them. A great concept with excellent coffee in them. They have taken them to work and everybody is so jealous, I expect more orders will be made not just by us but by work colleagues as well. It’s great to see that they use single estate coffee and they are hand roasted. They are also such a great quality product. They are ideal to take away with you and especially when you go to friends/family who only have the dreaded instant in their cupboard. Would thoroughly recommend and we will definitely buy again.
(by Tiki)

Convenient Coffee
These coffees are fantastic. They taste great and are such a good product idea. You can take them anywhere ie camping, to work etc. They are such a great design to get real coffee conveniently. They are fair trade and come from coffee growers around the world. If you love real coffee these are for you they are amazing. You can actually get 2 refills out of each pouch as long as you don't mind the second one being a little weaker. I am addicted to these coffees they are so good. Really reasonably priced and quick delivery. What are you waiting for get buying you won't regret it.
(by Vivian Harles)

Great product & great seller
I bought this as a Christmas gift for an absolute coffee fanatic! I was more than happy with dispatch time, packaging, and overall quality of service. It has been reported to me by the recipient of the gift that the idea of taster packs is fantastic, the coffee is delicious, and the brewing process is easy and fun. Great product and great seller. I may have to buy one for myself soon!
(by P. McLoughlin)

A great gift
Bought as an gift for a friend living overseas who still loves camping. Perfect present as weighs very little & is a little bit of luxury in the morning whilst viewing amazing scenery. Would definitely recommend to others. She loved it so I have purchased more!
(by The Book Worm)

Great product for on the move. I am currently away from home. Being a coffee lover this really brightens up my day. Propper coffee and all I need is hot water.
(by Mark)

... looked for ages for this product and it is great that it comes in a gift box with 5 ...
I have looked for ages for this product and it is great that it comes in a gift box with 5 different types of coffee. My brother in law loves it as he takes it with him when he goes camping. I will definitely be buying more in the future. It also came very quickly and I received an e-mail from the Brew Company checking that I had received it.
(by Helen Robinson)

Great taste and easy to use
Excellent product, use these on fishing trips and a bit of bushcrafting, very easy to use, and great selection of coffee's to try out. Pour water in, leave it and pour it out through the spout, esay and no mess, saves messing about with other filters, just boil your water.
(by awj)

Take anywhere
Great idea and so useful, take anywhere just need hot water, like the idea you can re-use the bags. Will recommend to my friends.
(by Terry Norman)

This is a brilliant gift for any coffee lover and believe me my ...
This is a brilliant gift for any coffee lover and believe me my friend is an expert and loved it.
(by Hazel)

Good coffee
This was a Mother's day present. Arrived on time, well packaged. Mum was very pleased with it and loves all the different flavours. She said would definitely recommend to coffee lovers who for situations where you only have a kettle and still want a nice cup of coffee, for example at work or when traveling.
(by AmmiLy)

Great as a gift or for personal consumption
This coffee is even better than I expected or hoped. Very easy to prepare. Sometimes, coffee can have a "sour" aftertaste from too much acid, but these coffees are very smooth and a pleasure to drink, even first thing in the morning. They've proven a great hit with my friends, too, and I can see these clever bags becoming Christmas presents for some members of my family.
(by P. Palmer)

Good. Very good!
This ‘Gift Box Assortment’ was purchased as a birthday present 'add on' I thought it would be a good 'novelty' extra for a coffee lover, whilst hopeful that the taste would be acceptable, too. I got more that I hoped for: The selection is very good & the coffee tastes great! My Wife loves it, not only for indoors, she has been taking one, with a flask of hot water, on her morning walk - that works well. The gift I thought would be a 'one off' now looks to be a semi-regular purchase.
(by Ted)

I love these coffees. They are fair trade and come from coffee growers around the world. They taste amazing such a wonderful idea. You poor water into the pouch leave for a few minutes and you are left with a real coffee. They are amazing such good quality coffee and easy to use. You can get too goes out of each pouch as long as you don't mind the second one being a little weaker. I have become a firm fan of these. I will continue to buy them as they are so good. All coffee lovers must try them.
(by Vivian Harles)

Fantastic coffee selection
Fantastic quality coffee selection, ideal for camping or the office. Brews a great cup of coffee, better than any high street outlets & at a fraction of the cost. I've tried several ways to get a good consistent cup of for one and this seems to be the answer. High quality coffee delivered in a perfect brew system.
(by Jez)

Excellent taste and fun novel idea!
Husband very happy! Each day a different taste of coffee from around the world! Coffee exceptional and well woth the price! Excellent idea with convient and reusual pouches! Will be buying more for certain!
(by Aims2583)

Wow, great coffee from a pouch!
Great tasting coffee in 5 mins or less with not much hassle at all. Got a box of these from my wife for christmas and so far the strong Brazilian blend is exactly my kind of coffee! Whats more I get a buzz from this stuff like no other bags available whoop whoop!
(by Doc McKie)

Great quality for a clever system!
Now that we are past the first day of Advent, I can definitely say that the calendar is a hit. My husband doesn’t have access to good coffee at his workplace (instant only... ughhh), for December now, he can take his brewers coffee bag with him to work. The coffee is good quality and the ingenious brewing system makes it easy to enjoy a great cup! I am impressed!
(by Ko.Tom)

Coffee advent
Purchased for my husband as he loves a coffee in the morning, think he found the brewing pouches really helpful as he could make them on the go. He really enjoyed this advent calendar and he shall likely be getting one again next year.
(by Clare)

So good I bought them twice!
These were such a success last year I bought them again! The recipients were thrilled, the coffees were all excellent and there is a good variety. Definitely recommended.
(by Julieg)

What an amazing product! My sisters Christmas present and she loved it. The coffee was really tasty. Excellent thank you
(by Barry)

... as he loves coffee thought this would be a good idea
Arrived quickly bought for my son for a Christmas present as he is so hard to find gifts for but as he loves coffee thought this would be a good was he.... loved it and says the coffee tastes really good.....the coffee is nicely presented in a gift box. He said will take them when he goes camping as just add hot water to it.....each packs gives two cups.
(by Jenny)

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