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Vodka & Tea / Gin & Tea / Rum & Tea – Organic Cocktail Kit

The perfect gift for yourself or someone else who is curious and quality conscious and who loves cocktails ! Whether you are an experienced barista or simply passionate about mixing delicious cocktails for family and friends at home, this 100% organic cocktail kit is an absolute must-have! In this set, we bring you everything you need to serve delicious and unique cocktails at home - you just need to bring the ice!

The secret ingredient that makes these cocktails special is our organic Teabrewers. In this cocktail kit, you get 8 different Teabrewers, each creating very different and completely unique flavors when mixed with the remaining ingredients.

The cocktail kit includes:

8 organic Teabrewers
25 cl. organic Danish vodka / gin / rum
25 cl. organic lime juice
25 cl. organic sugar syrup
A small book of recipes and procedures

*This product cannot be delivered outside EU.