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#StandWithUkraine Coffee Cards Donation and Fundraising Campaign

As coffee ranks high on the humanitarian aid list, we have decided to donate 6000 custom #StandWithUkraine Coffee Cards, each containing 3 Coffeebrewers (a total of 18.000 Coffeebrewers or 36.000 cups of coffee) as part of a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN.

We will be promoting 3 custom #StandWithUkraine Coffee Cards at a price of EUR 9,- per unit, giving you, our customers, the possibility to purchase these products as a donation and contribute to raising as much money as possible for the Ukraine relief campaign.

In collaboration with RedCross Denmark and other Ukrainian relief organizations, all products, as well as funds raised from this campaign, will be 100% donated to the Ukraine crisis.
All CoffeeCards and Coffeebrewer donations will be sent directly to Ukraine or refugee centers. Thus, please note that you will not receive the purchased product.