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LATIN AMERICA (strong) Taster Pack

Our new, limited edition Taster Pack reunites 4 x 250g. of the finest (and strongest) Latin American coffee beans, hand-roasted at our micro-roastery in Middelfart: Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil

MEXICO, 250g
Our Mexican coffee originates in the region called Terruno Nayarit and is very well balanced and pleasant, with spicy notes of dark chocolate, prune and grapefruit.

Actually, this is one of our CEO, Ulrik’s personal favorites.

Our Colombian coffee bean provides a rich, dark cup of coffee, well-suited for milk-based coffee drinks, and also for French press coffee. The flavors of roasted almonds, pomelo and chocolate are particularly notable.

CUBA, 250g
Today's coffee originates from Cuba, specifically from the slopes of the Sierra Maestra mountain range on the Southern part of Cuba.

The coffee is rich, with hints of dark chocolate, roasted hazelnuts, and currant.

BRAZIL, 250g
The coffee originates in the Eastern part of Brazil, specifically, the cooperative ASCARIVE. We have been working with the ASCARIVE cooperative for several years and are really proud of the coffee they supply us with. The coffee is a strong and full-bodied cup, with notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, and mulberry.

100% Arabica coffee
Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.