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This holiday season, give back so much more than a great tea experience to everyone you love!
Our most popular Tea Advent Calendar is back, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a unique organic tea experience every day leading up to Christmas with our 25 skillfully crafted blends of natural tea, herbs and dried fruit bits, served in our sustainable and reusable Teabrewer packaging.


1. Nordic Berries and Chai
2. Relax:T
3. Good Morning Quince
4. Green Refreshment
5. Black Tea Chai
6. Lovely Liquorice
7. Tasty Berry
8. Raspberry and Fruit Basket
9. Japanese Sencha
10. Fruity Figs and Pineapple
11. Sweet Chamomile
12. Fruit Melange Blueberry-Mint
13. Cool Mint
14. Earl Grey
15. Cranberries and Grenadine
16. Red Berry Dream
17. Ginger Lemon
18. Sweet Sea Buckthorn
19. Fruit Melange Pink Grapefruit
20. Detox:T
21. Fruity Passion
22. Revitalizing Treat
23. Rooibos Blood Orange
24. Mulled Wine
25. Spicy Turmeric


Our innovative Teabrewer combines the rich taste achieved through a classic teapot infusion, with the convenience of an instant tea bag brew. The thin, elegant and lightweight design of the Teabrewer makes it possible to enjoy premium tea anytime, anywhere. Learn more here.


STEP 1 - Open the Teabrewer
STEP 2 - Pour in hot water based on the markings on the back to adjust the tea intensity
STEP 3 - Enjoy freshly brewed tea anywhere, anytime

Brewing temperature: 95°C - 100°C
Brew time: 3-7 minutes
Reusable: Just empty, clean and refill the Teabrewer