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How is The Brew Company 
Environmentally Responsible?


Our Coffeebrewers and Teabrewers are reusable: simply empty them, rinse the used coffee or tea and refill them fresh.

Plastic Neutral

We are Certified Plastic Neutral by Plastic Bank®, offsetting the plastic used in our products by collecting the equivalent amount of ocean-bound plastic.

CO2 Neutral

We are contributing to offsetting 10 tonnes of carbon every month since June 2019, as well as planting trees in Tanzania.


While many micro roasters may opt for bean bags produced in East Asia, which may claim to be biodegradable, these products often fall short of their claims and are not truly biodegradable.
In contrast, our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is demonstrated through the use of kraft paper with a minimal ccp laminate that contains no aluminum.
In our pursuit of the most eco-friendly packaging possible, we have gone above and beyond by not using the special PP plastic gas valve found in many other bean bags. We are also proud to be both CO2 Neutral and Plastic Neutral, further reflecting our steadfast commitment to sustainability.
Our dedication to eco-friendliness extends beyond our materials, as our product is produced within 100 km of our roastery in Middelfart, Denmark, with our team personally handling the manufacturing process.


1. Empty


2. Rinse


3. Refill

EMPTY the used ground coffee or tea leaves, RINSE the inside of the brewer carefully so you do not get the outer kraft paper wet. REFILL the emptied brewer with fresh ground coffee or loose leaf tea. The spout cap is also reusable and can be turned 180 degrees to remove and easily put back on to cover the spout.

We are actively collaborating with:

We invented and patented the Coffeebrewer as a one-of-a-kind coffee product that combines the smoothness of a pour-over brew with the body and character of a French Press.

The Coffeebrewer is a game-changer for coffee drinkers seeking the ultimate combination of flavor and portability. Ideal for busy individuals seeking a convenient and delicious coffee experience away from home.

Additionally, we offer a range of whole bean coffee options for coffee connoisseurs to explore unique taste profiles and brew their favorite methods from the comfort of home.

What does it mean to be Plastic Neutral?

We are Certified Plastic Neutral by Plastic Bank®
Through our collaboration with Plastic Bank, we are offsetting the plastic used in our products by collecting the equivalent amount of ocean-bound plastic.

In addition, the packaging of our Coffeebrewers and Teabrewers is made of recyclable kraft paper, and you can dispose of our brewers the same way you would do with a regular milk carton.

What does it mean to be CO2 Neutral?

We are actively collaborating with WeForest and supporting UN REDD program in 2 major projects:

Tree Planting in Tanzania(WeForest validated project)
Carbon Offsetting
(UN controlled REED Brazil project)

Together with other partner brands, we are responsible for supporting the distribution of more than 1 million tree seedlings to farmers, farmer groups and schools in the Mara region of Tanzania.
And we are proudly contributing to offsetting 10 tonnes of carbon every month since June 2019.


Inspired by the sustainability goals of the UN

We are inspired by and strive to integrate the UN's world goals into our way of doing business, taking full responsibility in the hope of a more sustainable world. Below you can see the world goals we contribute to and strive to develop within.
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