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Express your appreciation this festive season with our gourmet tea assortment, thoughtfully curated for tea-loving professionals. Unveil 7 unique blends of organic tea, herbs, and fruit bits, each steeped in tradition and presented in our innovative and reusable Teabrewers. An effortless blend of flavor, quality, and sophistication; this gift becomes a daily reminder of your gratitude, ensuring each sip is a cherished moment of tea indulgence amidst their busy schedules. 

The Teabrewer:

Designed with tea lovers in mind, the innovative Teabrewer combines the rich taste achieved through a classic teapot infusion, with the convenience of an instant traditional tea bag brew. In comparison to a tea bag, our Teabrewer ensures up to 16x better flavour extraction, you can taste anywhere and anytime, without compromising on the quality. The inner filter holds between 3-9 grams of orgamic tea, dried berries, herbs and fruit bits, skillfully crafted into delicious natural blends.

Brew Guide:

Open the top of the Teabrewer.
Pour hot water to the indicated markings on the backside.
Enjoy 2 cups of freshly brewed natural tea per brewer.
Reuse your Teabrewer: empty, rinse, and refill with fresh loose-leaf tea.