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Herbal Tea Collection, 7 pcs

Relax the mind, invigorate the body and embark on a delicious journey of the senses with our organic Herbal Tea Assortment. Each tea in our collection has its own distinct aroma and flavour profile, making it a naturally caffeine-free treat. Presented in a beautiful gift box, our herbal tea collection will undoubtedly delight the tea lovers in your life. 

This box contains 7 unique organic Teabrewers: 

Lovely Liquorice 
A sweet herbal infusion, consisting of fruit bits, liquorice root, and anise aftertaste. 

Cool Mint  
A fresh mint herbal blend, enhanced by the sweetness of liquorice and hints of fennel. 

Ginger & Lemon 
An organic ginger tea infusion, complemented by the freshness of lemongrass. 

Spicy Turmeric 
An appetizing blend of turmeric, saffron, pumpkin, and fine cinnamon hints, striking a wonderful balance between sweetness and spice. 

Sweet Sea Buckthorn 
A soothing rooibos infusion with sea buckthorn berries, dried fruit bits and a touch of citrus. 

Sweet Chamomile  
The delicate notes of sweet chamomile, soothing vanilla, and refreshing citrus give this classic herbal tea its unique scent and flavour. 

Revitalising Treat 
A perfectly balanced herbal infusion that will revive both the body and the senses, giving you a much-needed energy boost.

Certified organic products from EU agriculture/non-EU agriculture.