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Organic Tea Collection, 7 pcs

The Organic Tea Collection reunites our most popular Teabrewers, giving you the unique opportunity to embark on a journey of the senses with some of the world’s finest organic tea flavours. Whether you’re a classic black tea lover, are fond of rich, fruity infusions, or seeking that perfect Zen moment with a refreshing green tea or relaxing herbal blend, our assortment will undoubtedly delight the tea lover in you. 

This box contains 7 unique organic Teabrewers: 

Earl Grey Black Tea 
Unleash your inner tea master and get a real sense of the English 'afternoon tea' with our delightful Earl Grey - an aromatic black tea, enriched with the very distinctive taste of bergamot orange. 

Japanese Sencha Green Tea 
A light infusion with delicious notes of citrus, freshly cut grass, and seaweed, and secondary aromas of sweet lilac and marzipan. An ideal tea for anyone just starting to discover green teas. 

Sweet Sea Buckthorn Rooibos Tea 
A soothing rooibos infusion with sea buckthorn berries, dried fruit bits and a touch of citrus. 

Cranberries & Grenadine Fruit Tea 
A flavorful mélange of cranberries, goji and acai berries, rounded off by pomegranate notes. 

Spicy Turmeric Herbal Tea 
An appetizing blend of turmeric, saffron, pumpkin, and fine cinnamon hints, striking a wonderful balance between sweetness and spice. 

Ginger & Lemon Herbal Tea 
An organic ginger tea infusion, complemented by the freshness of lemongrass. 

Cool Mint Herbal Tea 
A fresh mint herbal blend, enhanced by the sweetness of liquorice and hints of fennel.

Certified organic products from EU agriculture/non-EU agriculture.