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Promotional Products

Don't settle for ordinary marketing tactics. Take advantage of the power of promotional coffee to maximize your marketing efforts and make a lasting impact on your target audience. 

The Power of 
Promotional coffee

If you’re looking for the perfect premium gifts to celebrate (and caffeinate) your hard-working employees, customers or business partners, we’re your 
one-stop choice for exclusive single-origin specialy coffees and teas, impressive variety, 
and a one-of-a-kind taste experience, for coffee & tea lovers alike! 
And we’re not just overstating when we say our unique specialty coffee and tea gifts will leave a lasting impression. 
Here’s why:


◦ Coffee has a unique ability to bring people together. By incorporating promotional coffee into your business strategy, you create opportunities for networking and building relationships. 
◦ Whether it's sharing a cup during meetings, offering coffee as a gesture of hospitality, or gifting coffee packages to clients, you'll create a warm and inviting atmosphere that fosters connections and leaves a lasting impression.


◦ Promotional coffee serves as a powerful tool to energize your marketing efforts. 
◦ Whether you're hosting events, participating in trade shows, or sending out corporate gifts, coffee with your logo creates a captivating and irresistible offering. 
◦ It not only provides a delightful taste but also sparks conversations and creates a buzz, ensuring that your brand stands out in the crowded marketplace.


◦ Promotional coffee makes for exceptional corporate gifts that go beyond the ordinary. Show appreciation to clients, employees, or partners by gifting them customized coffee sets or elegant coffee accessories. 
◦ These branded items not only show that you value their partnership but also provide a daily reminder of your business, reinforcing the bond and fostering long-term loyalty.

Promotional coffeebrewers

The innovative Coffeebrewer

The Coffeebrewer is an innovative and worldwide patented coffee product. It is designed as a thin kraft paper pouch, with a very thin PE base and an inner filter containing 20 – 22 grams of freshly ground specialty coffee. The Coffeebrewer enables you to brew specialty coffee and adjust the coffee intensity by simply adding hot water directly inside the bag.

Promotional coffee cards

Our Coffee and Tea cards are hand-crafted greeting cards designed as letterbox-friendly envelopes. The Coffee and Tea Cards can be personalized with a message on the backside, sending a warm greeting to your employees, customers or business partners, together with a unique specialty coffee (or tea) experience.

Our design with a message 
sticker on the back-side

Personalise any of our Coffee or Tea Greeting Card envelopes 
with a greeting message and your branding, 
printed on a custom xx mm sticker. 

Fully custom front design with a 
message sticker on the back-side

For a fully custom corporate gift effect, we offer you the option
 to customize the front of the greeting card envelopes with your 
own branding. 
You can select from 3 different Greeting Card options, containing a mix of Coffeebrewer, Teabrewers or Herbbrewers.
All you have to do is contact us, choose your personalisation option, submit your desired design within our card specs 
and we will deliver a bespoke gift experience, infused with your branding.

For custom inquiries, we can adapt the content of the cards to the 
client's needs, ad tailor-make a bespoke coffee and tea content 

Greeting Card
3 x Coffeebrewers


Greeting Card
1x Coffeebrewer, 
1 x Teabrewers, 1 x Herbbrewer

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